More lighting tips for outdoor events

Gather a few bottomless hurricane lamps and fill the inside with holiday lights. Place them close to an electrical outlet or sometimes you can even find lights that are operated by batteries. Group these together on a small table or picnic table and you instantly have very festive lighting for your next outdoor event!  These look absilutley beautiful for outdoor weddings and graduations.

Quick and easy lighting tip for your yard party!

A very simple way to add a festive touch to your outdoor event is to bring out the old holiday lights and hang them outside. Instead of thinking “Christmas lighting” why not attach them around a patio awning, trellis  or pergola? This look especially attractive if your holding a wedding ceremony outdoors at dusk or an outdoor evening cocktail party. You could even light pathways into your garden with them to add a nice simple but distinctive touch. Visit us for personalized flower seed packet favors to compliment any event indoors or out,  at

Sprucing up your yard for a party

Not everyones yard will need a clean up before a special outdoor event, but it still doesn’t hurt to take a good look around to see what might benefit from a little sprucing up. Outdoor weddings and garden parties are memorable just by their very nature of being held outside. First decide where you plan on setting up your seating configurations, then set up a folding chair or something similarly portable in nature, and sit down. You’re now at the same eye level that your guests will be. Is there anything that needs a little camouflaging, like say for instance, your recyclable containers or trash cans?  Or maybe some overgrown shrubs would benefit from a good trimming. Either way decide what will enhance or detract from your event and then get to work!

Seed packet favors can enhance any outdoor themed event. visit to see mor details.

Prepping for warmer weather outdoor events

We’re going to be taking a look at prepping for warmer weather outdoor events. After a long cold Winter in some parts of the country, most people can’t wait to get outdoors and holding special events outside is a great way to celebrate any occasion. Even so , like any type of event, preparations need to be considered. So in the next few blogs we’ll go over simple yet effective things that can be done to enhance your special day. See you soon!

Our newly designed website!

Well after a few long months of redesigning our website we are very happy to announce that it has finally launched! This new version is even more user friendly and we have added more articles and tips on various event planning. Stop by and visit us soon. We now also offer Favors for Communions, Family Reunions & picnics, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat mitzvahs & so much more. As always, if there is something you would like to see or have us offer, feel free to contact us through our website,  Your thoughts and comments are always appreciated. After all it’s all about you!