Making outdoor guests comfortable at your next event.

Entertaining outdoors is a welcome event especially if you live in a part of the country where the season of Winter can be long and hard. We personally do reside in such a place, so being outdoors after being cooped up for so long is a very nice respite. Before throwing your next outdoor party, graduation, family reunion or Summer wedding,  take a few minutes and add a few small touches to insure that your guests will all be as comfortable as possible. You can start with the following tips:

  1. Try to keep any food that will be served kept in the shade, and on ice, (especially any foods that can go bad, like dishes made with mayonnaise).
  2. Arrange seating in the shade or under a canopy or umbrella.
  3. Place citronella candles or tiki torches around the seating area to help ward off insects. Try to avoid spraying chemicals as they are not only bad for the environment but they can excaberate problems for any guests who may have respiratory problems or allergies.
  4. Have sunscreen on hand, as this is something some of your guests may need, especially if they have sensitive skin,  but may not have thought to have brought with them.
  5. Light all paths to insure easy travel. 
  6. Advise your female guests to wear flat shoes, if possible, so that they do not have to contend with uneven ground or their heels getting stuck in the grass.
  7. Keep music at a good volume, so that your guests will not have to shout over it. 
  8. Have water freely accessible in the event that anyone may become overheated.
  9. Lastly have a backup plan in case of inclement weather.

Most of all enjoy your event. What can be better than being outdoors in the nice weather with friends and family?

Cute edible fruit “basket”

A cute and easy DIY project for Summer events is to make an edible fruit basket. Simply cut a watermelon in the shape of a basket, scoop out the contents and add an assortment of fruit inside.

If you are really pressed for time, a few hours before your party is to begin, open several cans of cocktail fruit, chill and then place inside your edible basket. A nice, easy enhancement for barbecues, family reunions and outdoor events, Pretty and practical!

Inexpensive DIY candle holders for parties, get togethers.

A cheap and fun way to add the soft touch of candle light to your next party or get together is to paint a few clay pots (the same type of pots used for plants) any color that you might be used in your theme, and then paint a metallic color on the inside, which helps reflect the candles glow. After they have completely dried, fill with sand (great for an outdoor beach weddings  or destination theme weddings) and place a tea light in the center. Set the pots around the main area that guests will gather (being careful to keep them out of the reach of children and animals) and there you have it! Simple yet attractive and inexpensive lighting, great for outdoor parties or even indoor affairs.