Why we’ve converted to a dofollow blog

To anyone in the industry who is trying to get ahead with their SEO, you may be ready to bang your head against the wall. It is time consuming to say the least and not always easy to get other businesses to network with you.
In the spirit of attempting to help other like minded sites, we have now converted our blog to a do follow blog.
Time will tell how well this goes, but we are asking anyone who would like a do follow link back to their site for just three small requests.
#1 Please leave only legitimate comments that actually contribute something to the blog itself.
Generic comments such as “great blog”, “nice tip” etc. will not be activated.
#2. If you are a business we ask that you do not leave comments which are self serving. You will receive a do follow link back to your site, through your personal name, so there is no need to attempt to stuff  comments with self serving promotions.  Self serving comments or advertising of your own site and/or business in the comment section will not be activated, so please do not waste your time.

#3. When filling out your name, leave your personal name only.

Of course if you would like to add our link www.PartyFavorWebsite.com somewhere on your own site, blog, etc. it would make us very happy to be included.

That’s it! We believe this is a fair trade as you get a little bit of link juice and we may end up with some good karma! :>) Wishing you all the best.

One thought on “Why we’ve converted to a dofollow blog

  1. Hi Lori,

    Making your blog a dofollow is very generous and I hope other businesses understand the value in it. It takes a lot of effort to put a blog together and to post regularily. I will personally social bookmark this blog, and I encourage any one reading and commenting to do the same. The more links to this post the better, and it only takes a couple of minutes. And like you said, good karma will follow. It’s about giving, not always taking. Happy Holidays to all! – Marika

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