About Party Favor Website

Let’s just start by saying that we like to celebrate.
No that’s not entirely correct, we LOVE to celebrate. What do we celebrate? Everything! Why not? Isn’t life made to be enjoyed? We believe that it is & we  do our best to enjoy all of life’s special moments, both big & small. This is our place to wax poetic about our celebratory triumphs & even some disasters as they occur, in hopes of helping you to enjoy your milestone events as well.

We’ll offer advice, tips, ideas & even the occasional recipe for all sorts of events, anywhere from outdoor backyard parties to formal weddings. So sit back with a cup of tea (or perhaps something stronger, LOL)
& take a load off. Isn’t this better than cleaning your house or doing an umpteenth load of wash? You might just enjoy our blog. If not, we’re deeply sorry & terribly ashamed. Hah ha ha. Fooled ya! See? We’re here to have some fun & hope that you do too. Now for the more serious & boring stuff…. (continue reading if you must!)

We  started in the art & giftware business  over 20 years ago. After some gentle prodding by a dear friend, we combined our love of celebrations,  nature & art into our eco friendly Seed Favors. We offer exclusive original artwork for wedding, bridal/baby showers, theme wedding favors & all other momentous social & corporate events.  Our designs are available on our ever growing assortment of personalized Flower Seed Favors, Tea Favor Packet Party Favors, Luxe Invitations & Wedding Sign In Scroll and Quaker Marriage Certificates. You can view these at  our online boutique www.PartyFavorWebsite.com  

At Party Favor Website, an eco friendly lifestyle is our way of life.  Seriously! We grow some of the very seeds offered in our Seed Packet Favors on our very own farm. Our home, gardens & business have been featured in Early Homes magazine, Early American Life Magazine, Country Sampler magazine &  “The Stockings Were Hung” holiday book by popular decorating author Judy Condon, just to name a few. Living and partying amongst flowers is not just a  dream,  it’s a reality here!

We also use real art, not common or “borrowed” generic clip art.  Our original designs are all done by hand using pencils, pastels or brushes. We keep the artist tied up to her easel to insure new designs are available all of the time, so we know this to be true. :>)
We believe that your event is special & unique  & your favors, art & invitations should be as well. We also strive to offer you the best one on one personal customer service.

In addition we offer free articles & tips, DIY projects & even the occasional recipe here for life’s assorted parties & events to help make planning each occasion fun & a bit easier. We believe everything fun deserves a good celebration! After all, it’s a great excuse to see family and friends, with good food and drink. Life’s too short, why not celebrate?

We hope you continue to stop by & thank you for taking the time to read this far!
Feel free to tell us about your own special events and tips. We love hearing from you.
So raise your glass with us, here’s to planning your best events ever! Welcome!

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