The 2014 Color of the Year is….. Radiant Orchid!

For anyone wanting with baited breath to see the much anticipated 2014 Pantone color of the Year, we’re very excited to announce that they have chosen  Radiant Orchid 18-3224. This dynamic color is not only attractive it’s radiant as well!
Here are a few sample ideas to help get you started in choosing this color for 2014 Wedding themes, Orchid weddings, birthday parties. etc. Enjoy!

2014 color of the Year Radiant Orchid

2014 color of the Year Radiant Orchid

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Your Maid or Matron of honor. Choosing the best girl for the job!

Choosing your maid or matron of honor needs even more thought than your whole list of wedding attendants. Some serious thought. This will be your “go to girl” throughout your wedding festivities and should be someone who is very special to you.

First off, some people may ask what is the difference between a maid of honor and a matron of honor. The answer is quite simple. A maid of honor is a woman in not married and a matron of honor is a woman who is or has previously been married.

This “go to girl” will be the woman who will help you with your pre-wedding plans, any problems that may crop up both before and/or during your wedding and is also the person who usually signs your wedding license. If you choose to use a decorative quaker wedding marriage certificate or calligraphy sign in scroll (samples can be seen here) her name will go on this as well.

Choose someone that you know has always been there for you. The woman who has always been rooting for you, has had your back in times of crisis and shared the fun and crazy times is the person you will most likely want by your side as her role in your wedding is an  important one that you will want to look back on with the best of memories.

Wedding Ceremonies; Spiritual, religious or non denominational

Depending on the the religious background of both you and your intended, will dictate whether or not your ceremony  will be held in a house of worship or in another location. If you both follow a particular denomination it is best to start discussing your needs and the requirements of your clergy person early.

If you’re more interested in having a non denominational wedding you may even choose to use a local judge to perform your ceremony.

Couples of a more spiritual nature can opt for an outdoor wedding (season permitting) such as a park or a beach. You may need to obtain permits for this type of event, so please check with the local authorities.

Ultimately whatever you decide, your wedding is about you and your intended coming together to share your life as a couple, with your own unique tastes and beliefs. Start the process early enough so that you are completely satisfied with the end result.

Choosing your wedding attendants

Your wedding will most likely be one of the biggest events of your life and early in the planning stages you should give some serious thought to choosing your wedding attendants. Whatever you do, do not choose you attendants lightly. Carefully consider who are your closest and really good friends and/or family members. By giving careful consideration to your choices, it can save you headaches down the road.  One of the girls in our office actually had her maid of honor drop out of her wedding several weeks before she got married, causing all sorts of last minute stress! Thankfully her other bridesmaids stood loyally by her side. Sometimes jealousy or resentment can rear it’s ugly head and arise from someone whom you may have thought would really be there to support you, so please give this careful thought. There’s enough angst before the big day, why add to it, if you don’t have to.

Also, keep in mind if you will be working on a tight budget, that the more attendants you choose to use, the more of an expense this can be as the cost of the flowers, boutonnieres, gifts, etc. would all have to be factored in.

Winter Parties to stave off cabin fever!

For anyone living in a colder climate, the season of winter can drag on and seem like it’s never going to end. Throwing a Winter themed party can help to liven things up, especially after the let down of the recently passed holidays.

For starters pick a color theme, (blue and white go nicely) and start planning your invitations and party favors from there. Snowflakes, snowmen and evergreen trees also go well in keeping up the Winter theme. Choose foods that go well with the cold (soups, hot chocoalte, etc) are usually associated with colder months and find a few activities that can help your guests to actually enjoy the outdoors at this time of year, such as snowboarding, sledding, etc.

Whatever you decide, this is just an easy way to get together with friends during the winter to enjoy each others company during the longer part of the year, when most people feel stuck inside.

Budgeting your Wedding

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Whether planning your wedding or any other type of special event, it is always best to set a budget before you even begin to consider the all of the details. Talk it over with your fiance first, down to even the smallest of details, so that both partners are aware of the final estimated costs and also what visions you may each have of your special day. This also helps to avoid an potential conflicts along the way.

After you have decided on your wedding budget, you can then discuss the most important things that you would like to include. By narrowing down a few things that are the most important to you both, you can help to alleviate any confusion down the road as you start to line up everything for your event.

Sprucing up your yard for a party

Not everyones yard will need a clean up before a special outdoor event, but it still doesn’t hurt to take a good look around to see what might benefit from a little sprucing up. Outdoor weddings and garden parties are memorable just by their very nature of being held outside. First decide where you plan on setting up your seating configurations, then set up a folding chair or something similarly portable in nature, and sit down. You’re now at the same eye level that your guests will be. Is there anything that needs a little camouflaging, like say for instance, your recyclable containers or trash cans?  Or maybe some overgrown shrubs would benefit from a good trimming. Either way decide what will enhance or detract from your event and then get to work!

Seed packet favors can enhance any outdoor themed event. visit to see mor details.

Prepping for warmer weather outdoor events

We’re going to be taking a look at prepping for warmer weather outdoor events. After a long cold Winter in some parts of the country, most people can’t wait to get outdoors and holding special events outside is a great way to celebrate any occasion. Even so , like any type of event, preparations need to be considered. So in the next few blogs we’ll go over simple yet effective things that can be done to enhance your special day. See you soon!

Our newly designed website!

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