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We here at Party Favor Website, would like to welcome our guest blogger Desiree M. Mondesir, the author of DA Weddings, who has written a lovely blog about the tradition of Wedding Favors

Wedding favors have been a traditional part of weddings since centuries gone by.  The general idea is to present your loved ones with a “gift from the heart” as a gratuitous gesture for helping you celebrate your wedding.  And although they might have began as one or two particular items, we now present our weddings guests with many favours of different styles.  Read along and hopefully you’ll be inspired by an idea for your own wedding!
Wedding Favours in Tradition
The giving of wedding favours is a tradition thought to be commenced by the European aristocracy who gave wedding guests “bonbonniers” or small trinket boxes made of porcelain, crystal, and gems which had sugar cubes which represented wealth and royalty in a time when the cost of sugar was very high indeed.  However, once the price of sugar decreased, the giving of bonbonnieres trickled down from the elite in society to the common man. 
Soon thereafter, bonbonnieres were replaced as wedding favours by almonds.  These nuts were sugar coated and became referred to as “confetti” in the 13th century.  Usually, fiveJordan almonds were placed within an elegant box wrapped in fabric and given to the guests.  These favours were said to represent the bitter-sweetness of marriage.
Wedding Favors in Modern Times
Now a days, especially inNorth America, wedding favors of all types are distributed at weddings.  Food-based ideas such as chocolates, cookies, and candies are always welcome treats to your guests.  And although you can certainly bake many of these your self as fun little DIY projects with your friends, there are also plenty that can be purchased and or ordered for your convenience as well as your sanity. 
A nifty “food favour” idea is to set up a candy station at your wedding reception with all types of goodies that can be shoveled into party favour baggies and sent home with your guest.  It’s simple, elegant, and stress-free!
You can also choose useful items such as picture frames, coasters, key chain charms, and scented soaps.  You could even choose gifts such as sparkling juices and wine, coffee beans, flower seeds, or seedlings for your guest to take home and plant.  Just as long as the favours you and your fiancé choose reflect your personality as a couple, are something your guests will appreciate, and or are within your designated budget, you will make an excellent choice your loved ones will cherish.
Note to DIY Brides
If you are brave enough to take on DIY projects such as baking and making your own wedding favours or assembling and packaging your favours, please, please, please, plan accordingly!  This means not only that you schedule an ample amount of time to complete these projects in excellence, but that you also select your wedding helpers carefully, making sure that they are all reliable individuals.  You do not want to be stuck working until the wee smas of the morning on the eve of your wedding on favours.  Sometimes, paying a few extra dollars truly is worth your sanity!
About the Author
Desiree M. Mondesir is the author of DA Weddings, a blog for “all things wedding”.  The blog is a spin-off of her virtual writing and editing company, Desired Assistance, and has allowed her to “marry” her two greatest passions: writing and weddings. 

Desiree Mondesir

Desiree Mondesir

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If you would like to have Desiree write for your own wedding publication, want to participate in DA Weddings’ March Guest Blog Campaign, or simply desire more information, please email her at or call at 405.582.0015.  You may also follow DA Weddings on WordPress, Facebook, and Twitter @ms_mondesir.    

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Winter Parties to stave off cabin fever!

For anyone living in a colder climate, the season of winter can drag on and seem like it’s never going to end. Throwing a Winter themed party can help to liven things up, especially after the let down of the recently passed holidays.

For starters pick a color theme, (blue and white go nicely) and start planning your invitations and party favors from there. Snowflakes, snowmen and evergreen trees also go well in keeping up the Winter theme. Choose foods that go well with the cold (soups, hot chocoalte, etc) are usually associated with colder months and find a few activities that can help your guests to actually enjoy the outdoors at this time of year, such as snowboarding, sledding, etc.

Whatever you decide, this is just an easy way to get together with friends during the winter to enjoy each others company during the longer part of the year, when most people feel stuck inside.

Planning your Wedding; what really matters.

Fusillade of FunPlanning a wedding is usually one of the biggest events that you will ever coordinate in your life. In addition, many type of wedding plans will bring both families and friends together, making it a serious goal for your wedding to turn out both fun and also memorable. Hiring a professional and experienced wedding planner can help to alleviate the stress and make things go much more smoothly. Even so, other problems can still crop up that may be out of your wedding planners hands. Both sides of the families, may have their own ideas about your wedding, who should and who should not be invited, who should sit at what table, etc. etc.  It’s quite common for couples to have arguments over some of the wedding planning stages. When this happens, take a deep breath, listen to each other, really attempt to hear what each other wants and then write down both the pros and cons of your ideas and desires. Remember, the most important thing and don’t lose sight of it. That is your desire to spend the rest of your lives together and your love for each other. It’s why you’re making all of these wedding plans in the first place!

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Budgeting your Wedding

and, that is all i know  

Whether planning your wedding or any other type of special event, it is always best to set a budget before you even begin to consider the all of the details. Talk it over with your fiance first, down to even the smallest of details, so that both partners are aware of the final estimated costs and also what visions you may each have of your special day. This also helps to avoid an potential conflicts along the way.

After you have decided on your wedding budget, you can then discuss the most important things that you would like to include. By narrowing down a few things that are the most important to you both, you can help to alleviate any confusion down the road as you start to line up everything for your event.

End of Summer party.

A nice way to make the transition from Summer into Fall while the weather still cooperates in some areas of the country, is to have a “End of Summer” party. Doing this a few weeks before the traditional start of Autumn may be best,  before the kids go back to school. It’s a nice way of seeing friends and family in a more relaxed atmosphere before the all too soon rush for the holidays is upon us. You can have your guests seated outdoors to help keep this get together comfortable yet very casual.  Offering a few good cheeses with some complimentary wine and talking and possibly playing games under the stars is a very nice way to say goodbye to the long hot days of Summer, while welcoming the shorter cool days of the Fall.

Making outdoor guests comfortable at your next event.

Entertaining outdoors is a welcome event especially if you live in a part of the country where the season of Winter can be long and hard. We personally do reside in such a place, so being outdoors after being cooped up for so long is a very nice respite. Before throwing your next outdoor party, graduation, family reunion or Summer wedding,  take a few minutes and add a few small touches to insure that your guests will all be as comfortable as possible. You can start with the following tips:

  1. Try to keep any food that will be served kept in the shade, and on ice, (especially any foods that can go bad, like dishes made with mayonnaise).
  2. Arrange seating in the shade or under a canopy or umbrella.
  3. Place citronella candles or tiki torches around the seating area to help ward off insects. Try to avoid spraying chemicals as they are not only bad for the environment but they can excaberate problems for any guests who may have respiratory problems or allergies.
  4. Have sunscreen on hand, as this is something some of your guests may need, especially if they have sensitive skin,  but may not have thought to have brought with them.
  5. Light all paths to insure easy travel. 
  6. Advise your female guests to wear flat shoes, if possible, so that they do not have to contend with uneven ground or their heels getting stuck in the grass.
  7. Keep music at a good volume, so that your guests will not have to shout over it. 
  8. Have water freely accessible in the event that anyone may become overheated.
  9. Lastly have a backup plan in case of inclement weather.

Most of all enjoy your event. What can be better than being outdoors in the nice weather with friends and family?

Cute edible fruit “basket”

A cute and easy DIY project for Summer events is to make an edible fruit basket. Simply cut a watermelon in the shape of a basket, scoop out the contents and add an assortment of fruit inside.

If you are really pressed for time, a few hours before your party is to begin, open several cans of cocktail fruit, chill and then place inside your edible basket. A nice, easy enhancement for barbecues, family reunions and outdoor events, Pretty and practical!

Inexpensive DIY candle holders for parties, get togethers.

A cheap and fun way to add the soft touch of candle light to your next party or get together is to paint a few clay pots (the same type of pots used for plants) any color that you might be used in your theme, and then paint a metallic color on the inside, which helps reflect the candles glow. After they have completely dried, fill with sand (great for an outdoor beach weddings  or destination theme weddings) and place a tea light in the center. Set the pots around the main area that guests will gather (being careful to keep them out of the reach of children and animals) and there you have it! Simple yet attractive and inexpensive lighting, great for outdoor parties or even indoor affairs.

More lighting tips for outdoor events

Gather a few bottomless hurricane lamps and fill the inside with holiday lights. Place them close to an electrical outlet or sometimes you can even find lights that are operated by batteries. Group these together on a small table or picnic table and you instantly have very festive lighting for your next outdoor event!  These look absilutley beautiful for outdoor weddings and graduations.

Quick and easy lighting tip for your yard party!

A very simple way to add a festive touch to your outdoor event is to bring out the old holiday lights and hang them outside. Instead of thinking “Christmas lighting” why not attach them around a patio awning, trellis  or pergola? This look especially attractive if your holding a wedding ceremony outdoors at dusk or an outdoor evening cocktail party. You could even light pathways into your garden with them to add a nice simple but distinctive touch. Visit us for personalized flower seed packet favors to compliment any event indoors or out,  at