Tips for shopping for your wedding gown

There are not as many exciting or as daunting shopping events in a woman’s life as there is when she is ready to shop for her wedding gown.

Some women seem to know from the time that they were little girls, exactly what they want to wear, but most of us do not give it that much thought until we start planning our very own wedding. Knowing that all eyes will be on you and that this will be one of the most special and memorable events of your life, can only add to the stress of finding the “perfect gown”.

Will the gown look too matronly, add weight to your frame, be too cumbersome, etc. are just some of the many questions that inadvertently arise. Shopping for your bridal gown does not have to be stressful if you can calmly sit down beforehand and give it a little bit of forethought.

For starters shopping early approx.  8-10 months in advance will help immensely if the gown ends up having to be ordered.   By being aware of the season and time of day or evening that you will be married in,  is also beneficial to give you a much better idea of the type of material  needed for your wedding gown. Obviously a summer gown would have a much lighter look and material than one that is designed to be worn in colder months. What about the location of your event? Keeping that thought in mind can make the difference between a comfortable gown or a “too hot” or ‘not warm enough” one.

The time of day can also affect the type of gown depending on whether you are planning a twilight wedding or an informal outdoor afternoon country brunch.

I’d strongly suggest looking through magazines and online bridal gown websites before even hitting the stores to get an idea of the types of look that appeal to you. On the day that you decide to start shopping why not have a leisurely breakfast and set aside the entire afternoon and/or evening if possible. This is not the time to hurry in and out of store! Not having to rush  when starting this process  can help to make the event fun and exciting as opposed to pressured and stressful. Bring along a family member or trusted friend who can help you to assess your findings honestly yet diplomatically.

Either way, no matter what wedding gown that you end up wearing, just remember you will be marrying the person who you wish to spend the rest of your life with and in the end isn’t that what truly matters the most?

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